NetSuite KPIs to Optimize Manufacturing Operations


NetSuite’s SuiteAnalytics helps manufacturing managers gain real-time insights into the definable measurements and profitability of your operations.

The alignment of KPIs with organizational goals is the key to realizing bottom-line impact. The challenge is to incorporate metrics that provide a realistic and balanced view of the business.

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Aligning to a Strategic Direction

The primary objective in creating KPIs is to gain insight into the organization’s capacity to deliver its mission and fulfil its vision. In other words, KPIs exist to monitor the performance of your current strategic goals or objectives, as well as aligning your priorities with your company’s mission.

Alignment to Business Processes

Aligning KPIs to business processes means three things.

  1. The business process has KPIs that monitor the most important outputs.
  2. The business process has KPIs that monitor the greatest influences on the goals your organization is trying to achieve.
  3. The business process has KPIs that monitor the results of critically important steps in the business process and the in-process drivers of its outputs.

Manufacturing Metrics Improved by NetSuite

Manufacturing Visibility

Below is a representative selection of the metrics that our clients in the manufacturing sector have found most valuable in their KPI strategy.

KPI Metrics