Nearly 70 percent embrace the cloud, poll finds

More and more, the cloud is being embraced with open arms by companies in all areas of business. From cloud-based ERP to professional services automation, the technology offers something for anyone. Now, a recent survey shows just how widespread adoption is, and what the lingering concerns are for those who are yet to jump.

Going onto the next step
Nearly 70 percent of companies have either adopted the cloud or are currently in the process, according to PC Connection’s 2013 Outlook on Technology: Cloud Computing Survey. In total, the poll took stock of more than 500 organizations in compiling its results.

In most of these organization, either IT departments – 52 percent – or C-level executives – 34 percent – were responsible for initiating the move to the cloud. It’s a familiar pattern – the cloud offers great agility and ease of use while creating a great financial solution for a company. It appeals in both ways to those with incentives to be concerned about such things.

In addition, companies were spread diversely through the different types of cloud. Private cloud computing had the highest rate of response, with 55 percent of those polled using it. In addition, 40 percent used a hybrid cloud solution, while very close behind at 39 percent was public cloud.

Exploring the narrative
The most often cited reason for entering the cloud was improved data backup services, yet there was a high response to a diverse array of reasons. Cost savings and continuity, as well as reduced infrastructure, were highly cited reasons as well.

It’s becoming a familiar narrative. North Bridge Venture Partners, for instance, released a survey earlier this year that found similar growth, with hybrid set to rise quickly from 27 percent of the cloud use at this point to 43 percent within five years. People are embracing the diverse array of the solutions the cloud offers.

There are still some companies who remain skeptical – 65 percent of organizations listed security as their top concern about the cloud. If your company is looking to choose a reliable partner with the expertise to make your cloud experience safe, choose BMI Cloud Solutions. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, we can help you to devise an optimal plan to confront your company’s challenges.