Natural disasters a reminder of importance of the cloud

In the years before the cloud, physical copies were the only way to store data and information, and they were subject to the vicissitudes of fate. Disasters of all sorts, natural or otherwise, could destroy years of work or information. There are famous, if apocryphal, stories of Isaac Newton losing decades of research to a fire. Well into the 1990s, copying machines were a prized possession in data security. Now, even as businesses can keep information digitally stored, it still is not safe from the wrath of nature.

Natural disasters threaten security
If a company does not keep its files backed up in the cloud, on-site data storage can easily be wiped out in any number of ways. In Manitoba, Canada, for instance, intense rainstorms have recently led to flash flooding and a large amount of damage, with power outages reported all over the city. Ongoing rain has led to reports of several inches having fallen in areas. There is not yet an estimate to the amount of damage caused, but certainly, as CBC notes, a good deal of digital data which users neglected to back up will have been lost.

Catastrophic events such as flooding and fires are potent reminders of the necessity of backing things up, but simpler events mimicking these will be just as devastating – a spill, a drop, even the unexpected death of a hard drive.

Solutions are simple
Mother Nature can not be stopped, but she can be prepared for. Users should back up files, both automatically and at off-site locations, using the cloud. Automated backups are a great recent innovation, as they are not subject to lapses in memory that all humans suffer from. Cloud solutions are optimal, because they both keep backups offsite and often do so automatically, saving users the trouble of remembering such things. If clouds are capable of working in process automation systems, they can certainly help companies with backup automation.

If your business has all its eggs in a single data server basket, it’s time to diversify. Clouds can be the perfect solution to put your mind at ease. If you’re looking for a company that can help usher your business into the cloud, BMI Cloud Solutions is a fantastic choice. With its array of services like OpenAir and NetSuite, it can help make operations not merely safe and secure, but far more agile and efficient. These days, there’s no reason not to make the leap to the cloud.