Moving safely to the cloud requires a good partner

At this point, it’s a widely understood myth by those who conduct research that the cloud is less secure than traditional options. There have been, throughout the history of the cloud’s growth this past decade, alarmists at every turn stating that the cloud is a potential disaster and who predict doom at every turn, but none have ever turned out right. To the contrary, study after study finds that those who have in fact already moved to the cloud find that their security has improved there, rather than become a source of consternation.

But all of this is not to say that companies can just move to the cloud without a care in the world. There are several important considerations and tactics that must be undertaken to ensure the safety of information in the cloud, as one expert notes.

Look before you leap
There are several important considerations for your company, according to CSO Magazine. After all, there are some security risks, though they should not be exaggerated to make it sound as if the cloud faces huge danger while more orthodox infrastructure options are paths without any possible problems.

Indeed, at this point, with more and more data moving to the cloud, it’s important to make sure that everything you move there is safe, as the source notes. Cyber crime in general at this point costs upwards of an estimate $400 billion each year, so work hard to minimize threats.

Doing so requires frank discussion with your partner in making the move to the cloud about who bears responsibility for which tasks, from encryption to third-party access. If a potential partner does not have the answers, then they are likely not the best firm to work with.

If your company is considering moving to the cloud, there is little choice but to do so in the safest manner possible. Consulting with experts like those at BMI Cloud Solutions can help you to ensure you’re on the right path to better security, all while making the best decisions that will help you to optimize the set up of your company. With award-winning tools such as Kenesto and OpenAir, we’re ready to help you get your company ready to take on all its challenges with the higher performance and agility that the cloud offers to all businesses.