More government operations moving to the cloud

The cloud has been booming in recent years, yet many companies are still concerned about full adoption. The reasons can vary, but one of the most highly cited ones is security. Still a young technology, people worry that the cloud cannot be trusted, despite plentiful evidence that those who take the necessary protections face a boost in security rather than a loss when moving to the cloud.

More and more government cloud
There are other ways that companies can see the trustworthiness of the technology, and that includes looking at the organizations and operations that need the most security.  The government, especially, being in control of such a huge mass of private and sensitive information, always needs to take huge precautions before investing in a potentially dangerous new technology. Yet at this point, each passing day brings another story of some sensitive branch of the government moving to the cloud, showing the substantial safety that exists within it.

The latest to make the move is the Social Security Administration, according to Information Week. The company is looking into building a private cloud, and has begun searching for a contractor to help with the project. Vendors are now responding to the request for information, and in short order the SSA is expected to start evaluating bids. The request asks that the cloud be able to integrate with the already existing software that the SSA has in its servers, as well as expanding the capabilities into cloud-based areas.

Only a few years ago, a huge amount of government services were not only hesitant to enter the cloud, but openly forbidden. In recent years, though, with guidance from the Obama administration, there has been a vast increase in the amount of cloud participants, and now there are several high profile projects underway – the Department of the Interior, for instance, has committed almost $10 billion to cloud projects, according to the source.

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