More cloud the answer, one expert says

Will the cloud slow down soon? It’s a question many are asking. In the years since so many companies initially began to adopt the cloud for a variety of uses, it’s has grown massively in stature. More companies are using it now than ever before, and survey after survey comes out saying that everything from client billing software to B2B marketing automation will continue its ascent. There remain some skeptics out there, though, wondering just how far it can go.

Miles to go before the cloud sleeps
After all, some say, surely the cloud must have conquered most of the problems that it initially was created to take on. Undoubtedly, this is true in part, as in the days since the technology was first created it has made life easier for businesses in nearly every way. But problems still remain, and, according to one expert, the answers to them in large part are simply greater deployments of the cloud.

Consider options such as IP-based communications, according to No Jitter. As the cloud has grown to be equally appealing to businesses of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, it has solved any number of problems. But there are still a great number of ways that it could continue to boost the performance of something such as IP-based communications. There remain problems, telecom expert David Michels tells the source, and the answer is “more cloud.”

Companies may still be hesitant to continue ramping up their cloud presence, Michels says, and it’s understandable. But those who wish to continue competing must keep pace, he suggests. The transition may be difficult, and for good reason – “ships have anchors, enterprises have servers,” he writes as an analogy. But to take advantage of the flexibility and agility of the cloud and continue to solve the problems that remain, the only answer is continuing to increase the presence in the cloud.

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