Marketing automation can make all the difference for B2B marketers

Marketing automation is an effective tool for B2B marketers, but implementing such solutions takes time and planning to yield results. A recent report by Sid Smith highlighted how businesses can achieve success with their automation platforms and lead nurturing initiatives.

Smith explained that B2B marketers planning to implement marketing automation and lead nurturing is akin to a long vacation in that being more prepared for a long trip ensures things will go more smoothly.

B2B marketers should make sure they understand their customers’ buying habits and create lead scoring plans to offer more personalized leads, according to the writer. Next, firms should develop their content strategy along with a two to three month editorial calendar mapping out the delivery of their campaigns.

“Think about the content that develops leads, creates top-of-mind awareness, and content that nurtures a lead until he or she is ready to buy,” Smith wrote. “This step is also going to require you to be clear both on how your content addresses the various sticking points in your customer’s buying process, and on the exact value each content piece has for your customers.”

Marketing automation keeps ROI on track

B2B marketers looking to ensure their campaigns deliver a clear return on investment do not have to look far, thanks to marketing automation. Business 2 Community’s Jon Miller explained that automation tools deliver fast results, but departments must adapt over time to uphold this value.

Other software systems must be launched all at once, which can impact many B2B marketing processes as a result. However, Miller indicated that businesses implementing marketing automation do not have to experience such problems.

In addition to leveraging marketing automation, B2B marketers should be aware that their campaigns can fall flat if they approach their clientele ineffectively. Miller noted that some companies believe client responses are leads, but these customers are often in the pre-buying stage. Firms should look to establish relationships.

Miller indicated these issues can be fixed. Organizations should develop a system to establish relationships by offering useful data. Monthly newsletters or webinar invitations do not fall under this category.

No one said the B2B marketing game was easy, but marketing automation tools and a proper mindset can make all the difference between success and failure.