Many wary of cloud offerings from big companies

The cloud may have already established itself as an essential part of business with tools such as cloud-based ERP and client billing software, yet it is a still growing force. Many companies are not yet sure exactly how to embrace the cloud because of concerns about the move, according to The New York Times, reminders of the need for a safe partnership in the technology.

Moving forward but looking back
It’s undeniable – at this point, the cloud is an important tool for nearly any business. The agility, flexibility and adaptability it offers are indispensable for those companies who have opened themselves to the possibilities it offers, according to The New York Times. As it moves forward, though, some remain wary of the changes, according to Douglas Menefee, an employee at solutions provider Schumacher Group.

“We can do things a lot faster, because we aren’t bound by big software upgrades every two years, with lots of consultants,” he told The Times. “There are lots of pain points, too, though.”

One of the concerns companies have, according to the source, are that the big names in old tech do not fully comprehend the new ways. These old guards are not fully immersed in the new solutions, and instead are late-adopters, not innovators in the way that many on the cutting edge in developing the answers have been.

Big companies may not have the best answer
Oracle, for instance, is a well-known technology company that has just started offering cloud services, but with such new operations, it is exactly the sort of answer many companies are wary of. Some think the company may have missed out on its opportunity, according to Bloomberg. Mark Hurd, co-president of Oracle, understands exactly why.

“We’re all going to have to learn new capabilities,” said Hurd.

The best choice for a company is to go with a partner who has experience in the cloud. The cloud, after all, is not just any technology – it requires years to learn and master. BMI Cloud Solutions has spent the time required to gain the expertise.

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