Many Americans do not know what the cloud is, survey finds

The cloud, with tools such as time tracking and project management software, has helped companies of all stripes. There remain skeptics with serious concerns about the technology, but there are also too many who do not fully understand the possibilities it presents – or what exactly it is, according to a recent survey.

Can cloud computing rain?
The cloud is literally a rather nebulous concept, and it’s understandable that many Americans do not fully understand what it entails. But with so many being affected by its abilities so many times in their daily life, it is surprising the amount of citizens who have no real concept of the technology, according to the Citrix Cloud Survey Guide.

The responses are surprising – many people often think that the cloud has a literal entanglement with real clouds. If there were stormy weather, for instance, more than half of those polled believed it would interfere with ongoing cloud computing. In fact, the majority of Americans surveyed said they have never used the cloud, but of those, nearly 95 percent responded that they used a particular service that qualified as cloud-based, from online banking to data storage.

More companies making the move
Yet it’s clear that companies who wish to stay competitive must be making the move toward the cloud, according to Forbes. Certainly, those in business, be they C level executives or IT workers, have a better sense of the cloud’s ability. But some still have not adopted the technology.

A glance at the history of the technology shows just how far cloud computing has come, as well. Before the turn of the century, only 50 million people had broadband worldwide, according to Forbes. Now, with nearly 2 billion broadband users internationally, companies such as Google have created cloud computing options that have completely transformed the opportunities in everyday life.

There are far more diverse cloud applications beyond Google, though. Companies which have not explored the possibilities would do well to consider an increased cloud presence, and in making that move it is imperative to choose a trustworthy partner.

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