Manufacturers can leverage both ERP, ECM to their advantage

Manufacturers have been one of the biggest proponents of utilizing enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. But these companies can get even more out of their ERP deployments by integrating them with enterprise content management (ECM) systems, according to a recent Manufacturing Digital report.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, research director at the Real Story Group, asserted that ECM will take ERP and other business applications to a new level, not replace it, the news source reported.

Manufacturing Digital’s Jonny Williamson explained that this type of integration can match invoices to their correct systems.

“Or routes approvals to the correct person and alerts them to the task, which can be completed immediately from any location,” Williamson noted. “Or eliminates the need for manual data entry into the ERP. These are the exact scenario’s being realised with ECM/ERP integration.”

A majority of companies are now using ERP for manufacturing, according to a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group called ERP in Manufacturing 2012: The Evolving ERP Strategy. The research firm found that more than 90 percent of manufacturers surveyed have launched ERP solutions.