Making the right choices in data migration

Every company, whether in accounting software or cloud-based CRM, should have a piece of the cloud. Plenty of businesses these days, seeing themselves start to lag behind competitors, are making the leap. But some of those companies are doing so recklessly, working without proper guidance or a thorough plan. Common mistakes abound for companies making the move to the cloud.

No security planning
The biggest problem many companies encounter is a lack of proper planning, according to InfoWorld. Without proper planning for security, governance or compliance, many companies will very quickly encounter problems in the cloud. Data breaches can occur, leaving important information vulnerable and customers ready to take their business elsewhere. Without taking proper precautions, a blind leap can spell a very bad time for your company.

It does not have to be that way, though. Most companies who take time to lay out their move and end up staying in the cloud report a great deal of satisfaction there. In a poll by Microsoft, 94 percent of small or mid-size businesses said the cloud had benefits they hadn’t felt with on-site services. In addition, 91 percent said the security of their businesses was positively impacted. It paints a clear picture – the cloud is the safe place to be, as long as you plan everything.

Bad software choice
In many situations, businesses misdiagnose their needs or fundamental requirements. They should think in three tiers, according to InfoWorld, with the first tier being critical systems, and the second and third being the less used ones. The best strategy, perhaps, may be moving your less important “tiers” to the cloud first, ensuring that you’ve made the best and most convenient choice before completing your wholesale migration.

Choosing the wrong provider
Oftentimes, businesses will choose the largest and best-known cloud providers. This might be the right choice, but sometimes large-scale providers fail to customize their services to the needs of their specific clients because they fail to understand their unique requirements. IT staffs may be better off choosing lesser-known firms who are committed to working closely with businesses rather than working with distant, big-name companies.

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