Majority of organizations enjoying benefits of the cloud

The advantages of cloud computing are vast, allowing companies to replace outdated infrastructure with more scalable systems and improve employee collaboration with process automation capabilities. A recent survey of 1,300 firms in the United States and U.K. by a cloud hosting provider, Manchester Business School and Vanson Bourne found that 88 percent said the technology’s cost savings are a major benefit of hosted environments.

In addition to helping organizations save money, 56 percent indicated that the cloud has also boosted their revenue, while 49 percent have expanded since implementing the technology. The survey found that more than 60 percent of respondents are reinvesting this money into their operations.

Startups are especially enjoying the benefits of the cloud, according to the survey, with 90 percent of companies that were established in the last three years saying the cloud made it easier for them to succeed.

Brian Nicholson of the Manchester Business School highlighted the significance of the cloud among startups.

“Cloud computing is heralding a boon for startups at a time when they are most needed. By making high end computing resources available on flexible payment terms at the push of a button we are significantly reducing the level of investment required to set up shop,” said Nicholson.

Employees driving the cloud bandwagon
The cloud computing phenomenon is being driven in many cases by employees themselves. Instead of being restricted to working with corporate documents in an office setting, staff members can now  perform job-related functions with their mobile devices by using the cloud.

A recent survey of more than 1,240 IT professionals by CDW found that more than 70 percent believe their employees’ use of cloud applications and mobile devices has directly impacted their companies’ choice to implement the cloud. Also, 68 percent of respondents said their staff members’ requests to access cloud solutions has increased during the past two years.

It appears that more organizations are listening to their workers. CDW found that nearly 40 percent of companies are now leveraging the cloud, compared to 28 percent in 2011.

Stephen Braat, general manager at CDW, said organizations that align their cloud services and applications with their employee preferences can improve efficiency and create more innovative solutions by making their workforce more mobile.