Looking back at the history of the cloud

So many people are saying that the cloud is the future that it’s easy to forget that it is the present, too, and nearly any company that wants to embrace technology successfully has at least a piece of its operations in the cloud.  Looking back at its brief history, the cloud has come a long way, from a very small niche product to a ubiquitous necessity for everything from cloud-based MRP to project management software, and in revisiting its incredible rise, it’s clear to see that the rapid progress still to come is sure to be impressive.

Roots in the early web
The cloud, at least in public offerings, began in earnest in the mid-1990s as web hosting services proliferated and databases and disk space became available online, according to NowSourcing. In this early version of the cloud, there were some critical attributes still missing, but there were many recognizable characteristics, such as automated provisioning and multi-tenant abilities.

Soon, though, a more modern version of the cloud would begin to take shape, as dedicated hosting and VPS hosting became available towards the later ’90s. These dedicated servers allowed for greater control of the resources within the server, and now offered a greater variety of options on customer demand. The path was clear to the future.

By the 2000’s, as public cloud computing became available, the version of the cloud businesses think of today became fully formed. Now, there was complete infrastructure available by customer demand, as well as far greater scalability. It’s been an incredible rise, but to watch the history gives a hint of the amazing growth that could yet come. Analysts say that cloud is growing at 90 percent annually at the moment, and even that number may increase in the coming years, according to FSN. Most industry leaders have a cloud presence, and many use it for their most important information, with 50 percent of the Global 10000 storing customer information in the cloud, according to Gartner.

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