Logistics looks to the cloud in 2014

The cloud has applications in any field, with its incredible array of tools from marketing automation to client billing software. Too often, though, companies from many sectors do not realize the huge benefits they stand to gain if they utilize the technology, instead thinking of it merely as a data storage tool. In fact, one industry that lurks behind the scenes in many ways may be making big changes in the coming year with regards to the cloud.

Moving products
Logistics is often an overlooked industry, one that operates almost literally behind the scenes. In moving products point to point all around the nation, logistics manages to have a hugely important role in the national economy while very rarely popping up on people’s radar. Trucks and planes and ships move freight quickly, but, like a weatherman, the less they are noticed or discussed, the better they are doing their job.

The supply chain industry has adopted much technology in recent years to continually improve upon its performance, and in the coming year some analysts think that the cloud will be the biggest change the sector sees. There are a variety of ways the cloud could alter logistics, but the one that will most drive uptake, in Freightgate’s view, is the opportunity for embedded analytics. Many companies have inter-departmental steering groups that are looking for better analysts to continually increase efficiency. Better analytics achieved through the cloud can help shippers and carriers determine what areas need most attention and the most important areas of the supply chain to focus on.

Diverse uses
It’s not the only way the cloud will continue to enable the industry. Big data will increasingly be used, according to Freightgate, powered by the technology. It’s clear that, as in so many other industries, those in transportation and shipping who wish to stay on top will have to adopt the latest cutting edge technology.

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