Latest gaming offerings take advantage of the cloud

By this point, the cloud has touched nearly all areas of business. What once was thought of exclusively in the province of data storage now offers a set of incredibly convenient measures for all sectors, from client billing to time tracking software. With so many options, there are few companies that are still left to fully capitalize on the technology, yet everyday presents a new reminder of the novel frontiers that it is constantly breaking through with. For individuals and consumers, the latest offerings in one area have been taken to the next level by the cloud.

Video games move up
When the latest systems from Microsoft and Sony were announced recently – the XBox One and the Playstation 4, respectively – a huge amount of speculation centered on how the cloud would be important to the technology. Both companies repeatedly stressed the lengths to which they would be going in order to capitalize on all the cloud had to offer, in the hopes of luring gamers to choose their system over the competitors’.

Now, as the systems have begun to establish themselves in the gaming arena, it’s clear that the cloud is indeed a vital part of them, according to International Digital Times. In fact, as people begin to fully compare the two systems, one of the most crucial ways people are deciding is how well they utilize the cloud. It weighed heavily in the decision for Takehiko Terada, who is the chief executive officer of Silicon Studios, although the jury remains out in the end for Terada.

“So far, the PS4 seems to be better,” he told the source. “According to the specs the PS4 is a little better than the Xbox One. Overall, the PS4 implementation is better.”

Still time to shine
There remains, though, much anticipation about the potential of Microsoft’s 300k server cloud computing system. The power of the cloud is the phrase many people are wondering about, and because of the hype, many are excited to see where the company moves.

It’s just one small example of the broad appeal of the cloud. From businesses to consumers to gamers, there’s something for everyone. If your company has yet to fully embrace the cloud, consider BMI Cloud Solutions as a partner. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, we’re ready to help you take your business to the next level.