Korean cloud computing prospects are high

An Asian nation is keen on cloud computing and the innovative practice is poised to rapidly develop in the market during the coming years, according to a press release.

During the five-year period leading to 2018, the compounded annual growth rate of cloud computing in Korea is forecast to exceed 22 percent. A pointed incentive that is making the practice all the more attractive is government perks that encourage cloud computing throughout the country. Private cloud computing demands also are on the rise while the industry concerns itself with data security that might call into question the market’s growth.

Demand for private cloud computing in Korea is strong and growing ever stronger amongst government agencies and bigger enterprises. The security of data is of concern to the national government, which prompts decisions to be geared toward the creation of private clouds in lieu of those for the public sector.

Private cloud infrastructure is geared toward one organization, which helps assure increased security.

Growth prospects for cloud computing’s development and expansion in Korea are bright, states a report published late last year regarding cloud computing in the nation.