Indian SMBs looking toward the cloud

As cloud computing begins to offer more and more services such as time tracking software, it becomes even more appealing to businesses of all stripes. Developing countries are increasingly seeing the appeal of the technology, according to a new study from Research and Markets.

India has experienced solid growth in the past decades, and even in recent years has had large growth in GDP. Its annual growth rate has been above 3 percent for the past five years, and in 2010 it had the eighth highest percentage jump in GDP at 10.5 percent, according to the World Bank. With such growth comes an increasing need to keep at the forefront of technological development, and Indian companies have been doing this recently by looking to the cloud.

A changing economy
Indian entrepreneurs are growing more ambitious, and start-ups are on the rise, according to the Research and Markets study. Now, these small and medium sized businesses are at a key point in their development in which they need to take advantage of improved IT services.  The cloud is precisely the model for it, they are finding.

The cloud offers a massive technological jump without the large investment required for physical infrastructure – instead, it allows for great flexibility and and agility to adopters. These Indian companies are choosing, by and large, public cloud services.

The cloud has something to offer companies large or small, and companies in nearly any location. Its ability to allow for massive increase in capability without massive investment means that companies operating on small margins – whether in established or still-developing nations – can get a great deal out of the services.

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