Indian cloud computing market forecast to surge

India is one of the globe’s top markets for growth when considering the innovative practice of cloud computing, according to a published report.

The Economic Times reports Gartner said the subcontinent’s cloud services are forecast to grow as rapidly as 32.2 percent this year. That would equal development as much as $556.8 million.

Those gains would indicate a marked advance from revenues last year in India, which climbed to $421 million. And, by 2018, the industry would surge to $1.7 billion.

“Growth of cloud services in India reflects the demand for new sourcing models. We expect high growth rates across all cloud services market segments in India,” Research Vice President Ed Anderson with Gartner said, according to the news source.

Forbes reports there are many attributes to using the cloud, many of which may not be clear to potential users.

Various measures of security are available for consumers interested in using cloud computing for their storage purposes. Expenses also vary for the innovative practice of using cloud computing. And consumers have the ability to implement selective practices when deciding what service to use, considering the numerous attributes at their disposal.

Consumers also may enjoy various levels of accessibility for what they store in the cloud. The cloud monitors users and their practices, such as noting who logged into it and when they logged out, and what sort of documents or other materials they viewed while they were within the cloud computing system.

Companies also offer the opportunity to upgrade the cloud computing perks that are available. Such a need would arise when demand for data storage and bandwidth changes, which would enable a cloud computing entity to enhance the perks that are available.

Cloud computing can be a strong service that comes in handy for the people who need to capitalize on its offerings.