Implement NetSuite for Wholesale Warehouse Distribution Business

As a web-based software solution, NetSuite offers wholesale distribution centers the opportunity to manage all aspects of their business, from inventory controls with deep metrics, to vendor relationships, online customer orders and order fulfillment, sales and marketing, customer support and more, all within this single, unified system. Using NetSuite gives your wholesale distribution business the opportunity to modernize the way you operate and integrate lean practice to the front end of your processes to eliminate wasted time and improve efficiency, setting your business up for success.

But because of the lengthy implementation process, NetSuite has not been an option for every business until now. In order to help businesses who could really benefit from everything NetSuite has to offer, but don’t have the available resources to commit to the traditional 6 month or longer implementation process, NetSuite rolled out their implementation and operational efficiency method, SuiteSuccess, which gets organizations fully implemented with NetSuite in fewer than 100 days.

The team at BMI Cloud Solutions was the first to embrace the SuiteSuccess methodology, and can help your Wholesale Distribution business to go-live with NetSuite faster and cleaner. This comprehensive, phase-based implementation methodology can truly be a game changer for your business, so you can begin improving the way your wholesale distribution center operates faster.

Wholesale Distributors Improve Their Processes from Day 1 with SuiteSuccess

In the Wholesale Distribution industry, in order to be competitive, business flexibility is crucial. If you want to continue to grow in this industry, you must be able to integrate new technologies to improve employee and customer engagement and to expand in an increasingly global market. Many wholesale distribution businesses stagnate because they are hindered by outdated systems that can’t flex.

But investing the time and resources to implement a solution is difficult when your full energy is spent on simply meeting demand. SuiteSuccess was developed in order to ease this burden to make it possible for your distribution warehouse to accomplish this, faster.

NetSuite and BMI Cloud Solutions have helped thousands of wholesale distribution businesses leave behind legacy systems to unify their processes, achieve peak operational efficiency and lean practices, and open the door for future growth on a global scale. SuiteSuccess utilizes the methodology learned from past implementation successes to get wholesale distributors moving on this path starting from Day 1.

There are several SuiteSuccess editions, each designed specifically to serve businesses falling under one of multiple industries. BMI Cloud Solutions can help you find the right edition to suit the needs of your Wholesale Distribution center. Applying a methodical, phased-approach to the implementation process, the SuiteSuccess method for the Wholesale Distribution industry on-boards NetSuite capabilities as needed based on priority, in order to best meet the needs of the business in such a way that value is added as each piece is engaged.

Phase 1 of the SuiteSuccess methodology provides wholesale distributors predefined dashboards and implements a unified system for managing customers, orders, items and inventory in Real-Time on the cloud. Once this foundation is in place, the future solutions for managing ecommerce, pricing and margins, business intelligence, omichannel capabilities, forecasting, supply chain, etc. are endless.

Get Started with NetSuite, with Help from BMI Cloud Solutions

Are you ready to learn more about how NetSuite implementation with SuiteSuccess can improve the way your Wholesale Distribution business operates? For information on SuiteSuccess or to find out other services and support BMI Cloud Solutions can provide your business, please call us at (888) 351-6335 or visit our website.