Hybrid cloud model a viable option

Many companies who have not yet made the move to the cloud are intimidated by the technology and worried about the massive undertaking of moving so much information. Yet whether you’re working in cloud-based MRP or web marketing automation, the cloud does not have to be an all-or-nothing operation, as a recent article {study?} points out.

Forrester recently published a report about the possibilities that a hybrid cloud model presents, and there are a number of takeaways, according to ZDNet. The hybrid model is the most widely embraced option, as many companies have in place such large on-site infrastructures that completely abandoning them is not an option. Instead, many seek to move piece-by-piece to the cloud or even shun the goal of wholesale movement, opting for a hybrid model as an endpoint. Nearly 25 percent of respondents to Forrester’s poll said they their businesses were looking to combine the cloud and on-premises technology into a single process.

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