Hybrid cloud computing forecast to grow

The biggest segment of the cloud computing market will be hybrid cloud activity, according to the projections of an industry analyst.

ZDNet reports TechNavio issued a report stating the market’s value is forecast to exceed $79.12 billion within four years. The market for the hybrid cloud last year was valued at $21.18 billion.

The majority of the revenue came from North American users of the innovative storage process. Checking in at second and third, respectively, were Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Governments are forecast for increased use of cloud computing methods, the report notes. Additional sectors banking, financial services and insurance also are projected to be on the rise. Retail, telecom, healthcare, the various sources of the media and entertainment venues also are poised for increased use of cloud computing.

By 2017, almost 50 percent of big organizations are likely to be using hybrid cloud computing. The effort is linked with users seeking methods of increasing their productivity, which cloud computing helps with. The innovative storage method hosts applications that are critical on private clouds while the public cloud hosts applications that are less concerning.

Small- and medium-size enterprises are forecast to increasingly use the hybrid cloud, which indicates that some of them are coping with the challenges of minimal access to internet bandwidth. For that reason, those firms are poised to drive toward a preference hybrid due to the ability to permit those organizations to capitalize on the benefits of applications while storing data wherever the service is needed.

The next five years also will include challenges, such as demands to facilitate business continuity and latency while in the process of transferring data. For that reason, the pace of the rapid adoption rate during that time period is likely to slow.

Using analytics software and advancing IT policies is a key way of addressing issues with data segmentation, according to a poll of worldwide users of cloud computing. Most of the 100 respondents from throughout the globe said many firms are poised to capitalize on the innovative storage procedure but many companies do not have suitable processes ready for implementation.

Canadians are increasingly interested in the benefits and perks of cloud computing, The Register reports.

The upward drive for providers of the innovative storage policy in the nation comes amid questions about the extent of information-gathering efforts in the U.S. and questions about policy regarding privacy.