HR moving more into the cloud

With tools such as project management software and email marketing software, the cloud has changed the ways many areas of business operate. But within companies, it’s even changing the way some less-expected departments run.

HR moving to the cloud
Human resources has a reputation as one of the less technologically advanced areas of business.  A recent survey by American Management Association discussed with professionals of all stripes their abilities with data, and, after talking with 800 respondents from more than 50 industries, found an interesting spread. Predictably, some areas were very capable with “big data” – 58 percent of those in finance, for instance, had advanced or expert skill levels. But in HR, only 27 percent were advanced, while almost 23 percent had either poor or nonexistent skills.

It’s a report that may reinforce some preconceived notions about the department. Yet even in this arena, the cloud is being embraced with open arms.

Taking operations to the next level
Multinational telecom company BT Group has decided to take its HR department to the cloud, according to CIO Magazine. Now, almost 88,000 employees will be conducting their work with the new deployment. It’s a change which will be very helpful to the area’s productivity, according to Clare Chapman, people director for the BT Group.

“To underpin our growth agenda and support delivery of our business strategy we are looking closely at all aspects of how we manage our organization. Transforming the role of HR in the business and the way in which we manage our people is key to this success.”

The technology will offer a variety of services, and will affect areas including recruiting and talent management. It will also help to forecast future workforce needs with a variety of analytical capabilities and modeling techniques, which the cloud provider said would “accelerate business performance and empower its people.”

Those in business have much to gain from the abilities the cloud offers, no matter what department they operate in. BMI Cloud Solutions can help you to implement a new technology in whatever area you most need it, confronting whatever your most pressing needs and challenges are and setting up solutions in the most streamlined and efficient way possible. With award-winning tools such as Kenesto and Pardot, BMI has the years of experience and capabilities to help you take your business to the next level – in the cloud.