Healthcare spending on cloud computing set to skyrocket

With so many potential tools available, from cloud-based MRP to professional services automation, the cloud has already created great change throughout many industries. Healthcare has been one of those touched, and there have been many applications in hospitals around the world that have increased efficiency. Now, as investment is set to boom in the sector, it’s become clear that the technology is the way of the future.

A healthier company, in the clouds
A recent study by Markets and Markets looked into the future of cloud investment in the healthcare industry and found promising results. The adoption of the new technology is far outpacing legacy systems and conventional infrastructure, and is quickly replacing the old methods in many healthcare areas. The new technology allows for greater agility and flexibility, in addition to improved price options.

In total, the report finds that between 2012 and 2017, the sector is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 20.5 percent. That amounts to nearly $5.4 billion in annual growth by the year 2017, according to Cloud Times.

Clear advantages for those in need of information
When it comes to those who operate in this area, full information is an absolute necessity. Often – and not only in the case of an emergency – it’s imperative to get the information quickly. In making any sort of treatment decision, the full knowledge of a patient’s previous treatment can be crucial. Creating an archive of these records in the cloud can allow for improvement across the board.

Companies have worries that exist in a few areas, though, according to the report. Compliance with government regulations is still a difficult area for many businesses and operations to be sure of, as these rules are changing quickly and so is the new technology. It can be difficult for some companies to be certain they are always in compliance.

In addition, many companies worry about security. With so much privileged information at hand, many of those in health care worry that a data breach would be catastrophic.

Indeed, these are things that businesses of any stripe should be concerned with – but with the right partner, the cloud is a safe and profitable method of doing business. To feel safe in the way of governmental regulations and data safety, it’s best to choose a partner such as BMI Cloud Solutions. With years of experience and expertise in the field, as well as award-winning tolls such as Kendot and OpenAir, we can help your company find the optimal answer to its challenges.