Government ramping up use of the cloud

Many companies who are worried about the cloud do not know what to do to allay their fears. Certainly, the benefits within the cloud are very clear to anyone who has investigated the matter. Flexibility, of course, both in pricing and in working, offers a potentially huge productivity boost. Most companies have at this point begun to take advantage of the cloud, but some are hesitant to make the move, while others are considered about expanding their use. But there are plenty of signs that the cloud, used responsibly, is no more dangerous than conventional infrastructure.

The government goes to the cloud
If one is looking to find examples, look no further than the expanding use of the technology by the federal government. The government is in control of huge amounts of incredibly sensitive data on citizens of the nation, from the IRS’s personal information to expansive amounts of information at agencies in control of Social Security or medical offerings. It’s imperative that all possible precautions are taken to ensure that this information is safe from those who would use it to exploit it for personal gain, whether it be other rival nations or individual hackers. As such, the move to the cloud has been deliberate.

At this point, though, the government is growing in its use of the cloud, according to Forbes. It is showing that it is becoming a far more widely accepted option as even the most cautious entities are acknowledging it as safe. Rick Holgate, president of the American Council for Technology and CIO for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, told the source that the cloud was changing the entire operation at his agency.

“[The cloud is] bringing about more modern and more flexible, agile ways of delivering services and technology to our customers,” he told the source. “We’re really thinking different about we build services and build solutions.”

There are huge safety concerns at these operations, Holgate noted – but by this point the cloud is safe enough for even private agencies to use. If your company wants to boost its cloud presence, consider BMI Cloud Solution. We have years of experience in the area, and we’re ready to help you take your operation to the next level with a deployment that is specific to your needs. We’ve got award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir ready to help you.