Government looking toward cloud computing solutions

The cloud has helped all manner of businesses with tools such as cloud-based MRP and time tracking software. With some companies still hesitant about what they perceive to be safety risks, perhaps they can look to the area which requires the greatest degree of information security – the government. With agencies and branches moving to the cloud in droves, it shows that few private businesses can afford to miss out on the flexibility the technology offers, either.

Making the switch
The past several years have created a difficult financial situation for many throughout the government. Beginning with the difficult recession of 2008, the economy has recovered, but only slowly, tightening budgets in nearly all operations both public and private. In addition, the recent debates among legislators leading to problems such as the sequester have created tough financial times. As such, many government agencies have looked for alternative solutions in order to save money.

The cloud has presented itself as a viable option, according to Wired. From a merely fiscal standpoint, the technology offers a flexibility that more traditional solutions often cannot, with multiple funding possibilities. In addition, it can be adopted piecemeal, allowing companies to decide what works best in the cloud and what ought to remain as it is.

Many solutions
Many are looking toward data storage, for instance, and as the demand goes up, efficiency is becoming greater and greater, according to Government Computing News. Doug Bourgeois, vice president of VMware Public Sector, told the source that they are working hard to minimize the data center space they occupy in order to get costs as far down as possible.

“Every federal customer I talk to mentions the number of data centers as their metric,” said Bourgeois. “They have 12 data centers, and they want to get down to four. But there’s a big difference if you close an extra-large data center with 100,000 square feet and a closet that is 200 square feet. The folks on Capitol Hill realize that, and they are shifting to more of a focus on overall IT costs.”

Data storage, of course, is only one possible ability of the cloud. If your company is thinking of embracing the move, consider BMI Cloud Solutions. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, BMI can help you find the optimal solution to your problems.