Google Glass could change the cloud

Google Glass is the latest venture by Google, and the product looks like what the imagination thinks of as the future in movies like Back to the Future or Blade Runner. Although the gadget will not be widely available to users until later this year, this has yet to stop people from speculating what the device will bring and just how it will operate. Some people think these glasses will both require and be improved by advances to come in the cloud, which could be to the benefit of everything from cloud-based MRP to project management software.

Claims of “augmented reality”
Google Glass is worn on the head like any other set of glasses. In large part because of its light design and famed creator, it is getting a huge amount of attention in recent months. Sergei Brin, founder of Google, has been seen wearing it very often in public and at conferences, and this has led to great speculation about its potential. Many imagine the world through the lenses in the style of a video game with some sort of “heads up display” (HUD) in one’s sights at all times, allowing great amounts of information about their surroundings, according to an article from Cloud Tweaks.

What does seem likely is a constant stream of information from the glasses. Early demonstrations have shown videos and live streams from the point of view of skydivers and mountain bikers, so the amount of data generated by these ongoing video streams would pose both storage and logistical problems.

Cloud could help
In this regard, the cloud could be of the essence, according to Cloud Tweaks. Noting that these glasses could require “a new networking infrastructure that can handle the massive amounts of data” that the glasses would be sure to generate, there is truly no solution but the cloud. There are many complaints these days about the huge amount of information streaming constantly on the internet from things like Netflix, but if Google Glass were to take off in popularity, it may by itself take the streaming ever higher. Current possibilities would not be able to handle any huge increase like these could potentially bring, so the cloud may have to take a leap forward.

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