Geolocating Leads – A Smarter Sales Strategy

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There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of ways to go about lead generation – some are certainly more effective than others. The next and harder step is to then figure out how to organize those leads and target your strategies to get actual sales wins.

One practical way to hit your target audience: geo-locating.

5 Ways Geo-Locating Leads Can Improve Your Sales Strategy

  1. Predict your audience
    Learning where your customers and leads are can tell you a lot about their unique needs or pain points – the holy grail of targeting sales strategies. Use information you learn on area demographics, climate, or culture to target your pitch to address their needs. A business located in a college town will have different needs than one in a major city, even if they are in the same industry.
  2. Events
    Are you are hosting an event? Generate an invitation list of customers and prospects within a certain radius.
    Are you attending an event? Look up customers and leads nearby and schedule a visit.
    Are you planning an event? Find a venue convenient to the majority of your invitees.
  3. Location-specific targeting
    Contact leads in low performing locations with a special offer. Create location specific incentives. Better target and segment your contacts with emails and landing pages.
  4. Make efficient use of travel.
    Visiting a customer for a demo? Find out who else on your list is in the vicinity or along the route and make the most of your travel time.
  5. Be relevant – and local
    Customize any of your sales content further with location-relevance; referencing the weather or a major community event demonstrates a knowledge and level of care your contacts will appreciate and respond to.

Clearly geo-location is an awesome way to differentiate your sales strategies. So why aren’t you using location already? Well, you probably don’t have a simple way to do it yet.

But there is a tool that can help you sort contacts based on location within NetSuite, and you can actually get it for free. Meet QSmap.

Get A Better Tool, Build A Smarter Sales Strategy – It’s That Simple

So what if you had a tool to find everyone in a potential market, geographically, without creating extra work for yourself?

Good news: that’s what QSmap does! Better news: you can try it for free.

How does QSmap work?

The simplest way to understand how QSmap works is to watch our video here: QSmap: SuiteApp for NetSuite.

Simply put, QSmap is an interactive mapping tool from BMI Cloud Solutions that shows you where your customers, prospects and leads are…on a map.

Imagine now what you could do with that info.

Plus, it is incredibly simple to use. Basically, the mapping tool works much like any other map you’re familiar with (think Google Maps, Zillow, etc.), but it is integrated with your NetSuite instance. Enter a zip code, filter by sales rep or territory, or draw a circle on the map, and QSmap will pull up all your prospects and leads, complete with profiles and contact info. You can further filter those results or create customized reports to run whenever you need.

What makes QSmap better than any other mapping tool?

  1. It’s integrated with your NetSuite instance. ‘Nuff said. Pull up the complete profile and contact info for your customers, prospects and leads based on where they are located in a few quick clicks.
  2. Filter those results how you want. Sort based on sales reps, within x miles of a venue, zip codes, or use the custom drawing tool to find leads in any location you decide.
  3. Get results that are actually useful and usable. Create reports, make a Static Group, or export a CSV to use however you need.

Might As Well Give QSmap a Try, Since It’s FREE!

QSmap will improve your sales strategies. Not sure that you want to buy it? That’s ok, you don’t have to! You can try it FOR FREE! Give QSmap a try for one day and see if you like it. When you love it, that’s ok too, because you get to use it for free for the entire year.

Don’t just imagine what you can do with all that location information at your fingertips, see it for yourself. Sign up for your free trial or click here to watch a short video.