The Visibility to Connect


 Connections are the most powerful way to expand your business.  Many of our clients have connected with us, looking for guidance when it comes to leveraging the data from their NetSuite CRM solution.  The goal is to connect with the right PEOPLE to drive GROWTH.

NetSuite’s QSMap brings geographic visibility to your data.

“Slicing and dicing” the records within your system can be a daunting task when you’re unable to access the data you need.  You can now gain geographic visibility in NetSuite to locate and connect with the PEOPLE being managed within your NetSuite database.

Here are a few ways our clients have been able to leverage this easy-to-use functionality:

  1. Plan for an EVENT
  2. Create a CALL List for a new Campaign
  3. Identify LOCATIONS for Customer Deliveries
  4. Establish new SALES Territories

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