From mystery to mainstream for the cloud

With the year winding up, there has been plenty of focus on the future prospects of the cloud in 2014. From predictions about the growth of specific areas such as time tracking and client billing software to ongoing debates about which sort of cloud to use, there have been a huge amount of claims to go around. One recent article sees an analyst offering his own prognostication, and even though it’s certainly lacking in any boldness, it may be the most important one that is being made.

Growing in use
There are countless reports about people being surveyed on their use of the cloud. Individuals – even those who are heavily involved in businesses – often have no clue that they are deeply involved in its use. Every day, there are countless cloud activities that people participate in without any knowledge, thinking they have yet to actually partake in the use of the mysterious cloud.

In the coming year, though, it’s going to become clear to everyone that the cloud is no longer some strange and hard-to-comprehend technology of the future, but in fact an essential part of modern life, according to Forbes. The cloud will no longer be some fancy innovation, it will merely become mainstream.

It’s simply a matter of near fact already – startups and new companies almost never operate in old models and simply ship anything they need you to get through the cloud. Long gone are the days of AOL installation disks, for instance.

Good for any job
There are, no doubt, ways that the cloud is constantly used that will still dazzle people who don’t understand its applications. Google, for instance, will soon be running protein analysis through the cloud on thousands of simulations at once, according to Ars Technica. Computerized work on proteins is incredibly complicated, but with the cloud it is set to be revolutionized in short order.

Too often, though, this is the sort of thing that people think the cloud is made for, and don’t realize it’s almost universal applicability on nearly any task in business. If your company is looking to explore the many ways it can embrace the cloud, consider BMI Cloud Solutions. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, we can make sure you’re doing the best work you can with what you’ve got.