Final predictions for 2014

There are some final predictions still trickling out as the first days of 2014 quickly approach, and, with so many different areas of the cloud to cover, the prognostication touches on topics in a variety of different areas and sectors. Some are quantitative while others are qualitative, but they all offer guesses about where the cloud – be it in time tracking or project management software – could be headed in the coming months.

Government set to grow
MarketsandMarkets recently released a survey estimating the potential growth of the cloud within government sectors over the coming year, and its guesses were very high. In total, the research firm predicted that the government cloud market would be worth just a shade under $18.5 billion by 2018. At this point, the market is estimated to be worth less than $3 billion in 2013. The movement, therefore, would constitute a compound annual growth rate of more than 45 percent.

The increase would be fueled by global adoption, with regions of North America expected to remain the preeminent users of the cloud, but in total Asia Pacific is expected to become the biggest total region within six years.

Predictions from experts
The predictions are not all quantitative, though. David Williams, vice president of sales and marketing at Schaumburg Comcast, told the Daily Herald that the fast growing appetite for all things streaming will only continue to boost the cloud to new heights.

“All of your content will be stored in the cloud, making it accessible anytime from any device,” he said, according to the source. “But to access your content in the cloud, you have to have the fastest Internet speeds available – at home and on the go. Initiatives to provide high-speed access to the cloud on the go will continue in 2014 and allow Comcast to do things like expand the number of TV channels customers can watch live on their tablets and smartphones, as well as make it even easier to stream recorded and On Demand movies, TV shows and other content on their tablets and smartphones.”

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