Expert says we’ve stopped caring about computers

The cloud offers many services, from cloud-based financial software to process automation systems, and it has made life far easier for businesses of all sectors. There remain many who have yet to make the leap, and for those who are still hesitant, the hybrid option is a viable model. It’s also one which has transformed the way we do business, according to one expert.

Changing the game
The cloud has grown massively in recent years, and yet there is still a small subsection of IT managers that refuse to adopt it. Many studies have pointed out this extremely wary subset, including one recent Microsoft study that found that, of those who had yet to embrace the technology, 60 percent were concerned about security.

It will likely change in the future, as businesses will have to utilize the agility and flexibility the cloud offers, according to Mike Maples, Jr., founder and managing partner of early stage venture investing firm Floodgate Fund. It is not clear what will be the final blow to traditional processes, but Maples has a suspicion that it will be the hybrid model, he told VentureBeat in a recent interview.

“My belief is that it’s going to be something to do with this idea of hybrid infrastructure, or ‘cloud to ground,'” said Maples. “The basic idea is that today, the enterprise IT person has this choice of 100 percent on the ground or 100 percent in the cloud. Probably what’s going to happen in the future is that IT will say, ‘Well, my real job is to deliver digital services to the employees and customers and company. It shouldn’t matter where the bits live.'”

The approach makes the difference
The big changes may be behind us, in Maples’ view. In fact, perhaps the traditional concerns went by the wayside years ago. Recently, he and a colleague were discussing what had changed in recent years, and they settled on the decline of the PC.

“Our big conclusion was that 2011 was a turning point in the computer industry because it was the first year where it quit being primarily about computers,” said Maples.

Traditional systems are going to the wayside as nearly everyone embraces the cloud. Many companies are understandably hesitant, but security should not be a concern that prevents businesses from joining the cloud – as long as they have the right partner. With award-winning programs such as NetSuite and OpenAir, BMI can help you find the right answer to your issues.