Expert offers tips on what to ask a cloud partner

The cloud has changed nearly every aspect of business with tools such as web marketing automation and cloud-based MRP. Yet some companies have not yet made the switch, and are wondering how to go about it. It’s an important decision, and businesses need to make sure they choose the right partner in order to get the best possible security for important data.

What to ask
It’s is essential that companies know exactly what they are doing when they make the move. A rushed decision can lead to an unwanted partner, and suddenly companies would have to spend every minute worrying about security. It’s incredibly important that data remains secure in the cloud, as a leak can undercut a company’s entire reputation. The cloud is just as safe as physical infrastructure, so long as the right decisions are made.

Craig Allen, executive director for a cloud provider, offered a variety of tips about just what to ask when making the move, according to ZDNet. What he advises, more than anything, is for companies to get help in the first place. It is incredibly hard to go it alone, he told the source.

“What we found was that people didn’t really understand what they were purchasing, from an infrastructure point of view,” Allen said. “What they needed was the consultation to be able to build a proper environment and not just work within the limitations of a larger organization — the full DIY.”

Looking for support
What’s just as important is that a company knows where to look for help once they make the move. When problems arise, they need to be assured they will be covered, rather than left to deal with the issues themselves, Allen told the source.

“When organizations look at cloud providers, they should also be looking for where the support is coming from,” he said.

At this point, nearly three in every four companies is using the cloud, according to a study by North Bridge Venture Partners. Yet of those 25 percent who don’t, a large concern is the security of the cloud. It’s important to make the right choice, and BMI Cloud Solutions is ready to help. With years of expertise, as well as award-winning tools such as Kendot and OpenAir, BMI is ready to help find the optimal solution for you business.