End users can create the problems in the cloud

What are the real problems with the cloud? When comparing the technology to that of normal infrastructure, often many cloud advocates like to claim it is simply the same. There are no doubt security issues, but they hardly outweigh those who embrace a normal cloud setup – and, in fact, in many cases may be significantly less pressing in the views of many analysts.

But certainly, there are aspects of the cloud to be concerned about, whether a particular company uses client billing software or another option such as cloud financial software. They are not unique to the cloud though – they lie in unsafe user behavior by those who sit in front of the terminal.

Taking the right care
One of the biggest issues in the cloud is just what people do when they use it, according to a report by the Blackstone Group. CSO Magazine points to the survey of 1000 employees in both the United States and Canada, and there are a number of concerns.

In large part, the biggest problem is that workers who use the technology embrace it in nearly all facets of their working life, and use too many applications, according to Blackstone. This is not, in itself, a problem of course – the cloud helps facilitate so many different processes and offers such a huge amount of flexibility, it means that workers will have to use it in many ways. But in having so many options and opening so many applications, problems lurk behind.

In plain sight
For instance, with many different required passwords, almost 30 percent of users store them in an unprotected document – an easy way for them all to be lost. Almost a quarter placed these passwords on post-it notes around the computer, and many were engaging in shadow IT practices, working on the cloud through a device or endpoint that IT was unaware existed, according to the source. In cases such as this, it was clear that the problem does not lie in the cloud, but in the way it is used.

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