Does the cloud need standardization?

The cloud has been exploding in popularity in recent years as companies in nearly every industry, from billing software to cloud-based ERP, have jumped in to take advantage of the booming technology. Still, some believe that the cloud has yet to begin to reach its full potential.

Expert says problems still exist
Dr. Jeff Jaffe, chief executive of the World Wide Web consortium, watched as the internet began its rapid ascent in the 1990s. Now, as commercial use of the cloud takes off, he thinks there are lessons to be learnedfrom the last decade, according to an article from ZDNet.

Speaking at a recent London conference on the cloud, Jaffe said the issue was lack of technology standardization. Because competing cloud services often lack interoperability, the cloud can not yet compare to the internet as a technology. The internet, though, cleared these problems up early through the efforts of Tim Berners-Lee, considered by many to be the “inventor” of the internet. It has, of course, grown in the time since into a trillion-dollar operation.

“The web reached these large numbers because of some fundamental design assumptions that Tim Berners-Lee started in 1989 and stayed true to,” said Jaffe. “We need a comparable set of assumptions for the cloud.”

Now is the time
The problem, Jaffe said, is that the gaps between technologies only continue to grow as the cloud expands.

“The problem for those who want a standard infrastructure and the flexibility to move from one service to another is the silos are getting deeper,” he said, according to the source.

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