Diverse uses of the cloud continue to grow

The cloud has many uses, from email marketing automation systems to cloud-based MRP. As some companies continue to find new use for established services, other services are expanding their potential demographics.

Predictive analytics has a new audience
Once mostly useful for large companies, predictive analytics has grown in recent years to offer great benefits to smaller companies as well. The latest survey from Lityx shows an increasing use among businesses of all sizes. something that James Taylor, chief executive officer of Decision Management Solutions, believes will continue for the years to come.

“Predictive analytics in the cloud is becoming mainstream, with broader and accelerating adoption,” he said. “This adoption is increasingly driven by the value of predictive analytics to improve customer treatment and engagement. As organizations gain more experience with predictive analytics, their approach to data and to Big Data is changing and evolving.”

In total, 43 percent of the companies that were surveyed said that their use of predictive analytics had delivered an impact on their organization that could be described as at least significant – and potentially transformative. This is a massive increase over a study in 2011, which had a figure below 30 percent. Nearly half of those surveyed were using predictive analytics to increase customer satisfaction, as well.

Established services grow more popular
Web marketing automation software has long been a popular choice, but it’s becoming clear that companies are more satisfied with it now than ever, according to Pardot. A recent study by the organization found that companies that utilize automation have a 53 percent higher conversion rate from the point of marketing response through to a qualified marketing lead. These same users have a sales quota achievement rate that is more than 9 percent higher than non-users, as well.

Streamlining processes with marketing automation allows for more bandwidth available to your company, as well as better leads. The efficiency increases will allow for more leads to be pursued, as well, according to Pardot, and the clarity from the accurate reporting automation allows means you will know the best way to find clients.

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