Data is quite safe in the cloud

It’s the question so many companies ask over and over – is data safe in the cloud? Despite so many reports from companies who feel better once they move into the cloud, many businesses still hesitate to move their operations, whether they are pondering cloud-based ERP or project management software. Now, another report highlights the many features the cloud offers to boost your data’s security.

Moving up, up and into the cloud
ComScore, funded by Microsoft, recently looked into the effect of the cloud on small businesses. Does it, in fact, expose the data to a variety of possible attackers – or does it in fact make them safer? The study concluded the latter, as 96 percent of the small businesses surveyed responded that data was in fact one of the benefits of the cloud, not one of the drawbacks, specifically noting that there were many security services they had access to in the cloud that they did not in conventional infrastructure.

Now, many in the United Kingdom are concerned after a number of attacks on UK PLC, with government security officials encouraging companies to boost security efforts. Many are once again left wondering if this means the cloud is unsafe, but, yet again, there is only evidence contradicting the hypothesis.

Safe as can be
Alan Calder, chief executive officer of IT Governance, said that he finds the cloud to be as safe as any other option, with no evidence that data placed in the cloud is subject to increased risk, according to Business Cloud News.

“I don’t think security is better or worse in the cloud than it is with networked on-premise equipment,” said Calder. “Ultimately there is never a penetration test where we don’t find a vulnerability, but that’s the nature of providing services in today’s environment.”

It’s an important consideration for the businesses hesitating to make the leap into the cloud. Companies with the experience and knowledge to do so will be sure to make your data as safe in the cloud as it could ever be in conventional technologies – don’t lose time adopting technology by mulling over unnecessary concerns.

With award winning tools like NetSuite and OpenAir, BMI Cloud Solutions is ready to help your company make the move. From the security the cloud offers to the agility it can provide your business, there are many reasons to embrace the technology.