Customization will be key for future cloud-based ERP

Companies looking to move away from on-site ERP systems in favor of cloud-based ERP are likely considering such a transition to take advantage of the cloud’s functionality. The technology allows businesses to be more agile and change their operations to meet current demands. Customization is another key aspect of hosted environments and this trait will be key moving forward.

A recent Cloud ERP report by contributor Pat Garrehy suggested that any ERP platform, whether on-premise or cloud based, rarely can address all of a company’s requirements when first launched.

“The next generation of cloud ERP solution users must recognize that customization is still a necessary component of user adoption and extension of the software package,” Garrehy wrote. “It’s always been that way and simply because that ERP solution can now be on the cloud does not change that fact.”

Successful cloud-based ERP deployments can help organizations in a number of ways. Garrehy explained that the solution can reduce operation costs, take advantage of subscription-based pricing and receive updates without having users install new versions themselves.

Cloud computing the next phase for ERP

Cloud computing is currently one of the hottest topics throughout the IT industry, ultimately changing how companies of all sizes and fields operate. Instead of relying on outdated IT systems, firms can now avoid costly upfront investments in favor of hosted environments. Looking ahead, it is clear that ERP deployments will continue to be popular applications migrated to the cloud.

In an interview with Enterprise Apps Today, Derek Singleton, ERP analyst at Software Advice, said cloud-based ERP will likely be the norm moving forward. Up to this point, however, the adoption of cloud technologies has been somewhat slow, which is generally the case with any new ERP trend.

“But now everyone is now trying to figure out how to design and develop their ERP software for the cloud,” Singleton told the news source.

Cloud computing may not be the most mature solution available, but it has quickly become a staple in many regards. As more businesses realize that aging IT infrastructure has had its day in the sun, the migration to cloud-based environments will likely continue to gain steam as more firms try to become more agile without going over budget or spreading themselves too thin.

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