Could the cloud help the healthcare website?

The cloud, with options ranging from cloud-based MRP to client billing software, has helped businesses in a variety of areas, and it may be set to help solve the healthcare website’s woes, too.

Looking for help
Regardless of political opinions or viewpoints, it seems that most people agree that the rollout of the healthcare exchange website,, has been disappointing and riddled with glitches and bugs. The process has seen those involved testifying before the House Ways and Means Committees, and there have been vows all the way up to the top with even President Barack Obama pledging to fix it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Part of that process may be thanks to the cloud.

The massive volume of visitors is part of the problem, according to USA Today, and the cloud is well suited to fix that. As many as 700,000 people have already submitted applications, according to Marilyn Tavenner, head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, but it’s not clear how many of those have successfully been able to work through the website – the initial number is expected to be small, though, according to The Washington Post.

Examining the problem
The cloud would have been able to help in this particular area of the problem, and indeed still might be able to, according to Jeff Kim, president of a content delivery service.

“Their computers are having to do a lot of different things,” Kim told USA Today. “But if you offload to the cloud, then you just need to worry about the database.”

The full details of the exchange’s online arrangement are not known, and it led to the cloud developers the source spoke to relying on their own interpretation and speculation. Some, like Kim, thought the cloud was minimally involved , while others thought it was simply using the wrong processes. John Engates, for instance, a chief technology officer at a cloud service provider, thinks it may be only a small part that needs fixing.

“It could be a really good system,” he said. “But one weak link could bring you down.”

Whatever the problem, it’s always ideal to solve these issues early on in a rollout. If your company has issues you need to confront, BMI Cloud Solutions can help you take them on with award-winning programs such as Kenesto and Pardot, as well as years of expertise in the field.