Considering the cloud behind the name

Most companies have seen what the cloud has to offer – its impressive advantages in speed and efficiency – and explored it in order to determine just what is there to help their efforts. Indeed, with so many different products such as cloud-based ERP and time tracking software, there is something for almost everyone.

But many companies have held back, perhaps intimidated by the wide range of products and the choices to make in moving forward. Those fears that can be allayed by choosing an experienced cloud solutions expert – and one expert thinks that it may even be because of the name.

What’s in a name?
Listen to one source or another and you may think that one very specific area of the cloud represents its entire set of offerings, according to USA Today. Many lay people, for instance, associate the cloud exclusively with data storage and Apple’s famous “cloud” products. Listeners to a speech at the recent Dreamforce conference, the source notes, could be forgiven for thinking that software as a service is the only cloud creation.

Instead, there’s a great deal of different ways that companies can utilize the cloud, the source notes. A glance at a list of the most highly valued cloud companies, for instance, yields an interesting cross section of the industry – a number of companies that offer very specific products, specializing in different ways.

A potential misnomer
The difficulty lies in the all-encompassing name – by calling all of these many disparate products “the cloud,” people think the technology is monolithic. instead, people need to be able to differentiate between the many different things the cloud does.

In fact, due to the constant hype about the future of computing being in the cloud, many people and businesses do not fully realize they have even been using the technology for many years now. Whether in their own business practices or simply by operating in everyday life with modern technology, it’s easy for people to use the cloud without calling it by that name.

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