Considering the best cloud options

There are any number of reasons to move into the cloud, from time tracking to client billing software – but often, companies don’t know just how to do so. There are many different models of cloud use, and the hybrid one has been getting a great deal of attention in recent years. But though it can be the optimal solution for some, one expert warns that a sub-optimal hybrid adoption brings with it many problems – and that companies should be sure they are working with a trusted partner when they make their decision.

Best of both worlds?
On first glance, many companies think that the hybrid model is the way to go. By allowing what they want to be moved to the cloud while also retaining a good deal of on-site infrastructure, it not only allows for more time to move the rest, but also does not entail a full and massive commitment to the new technology. There is no doubt that this is a very good decision for many companies, and those who would benefit most from the hybrid should most certainly stick with it, as No Jitter notes. But too often, many companies simply choose the model out of uncertainty, and forget that while the hybrid can offer the best of both worlds, it can offer the worst, too.

Cloud expert Tom Brannen worries that the cost structures of both forms of data storage – on-premise and cloud – can combine into an awkward mixture. The capital expenses and the recurring costs together can make for the payment structure to be unwieldy and confusing, and often difficult to contend with. There is no doubt that companies can indeed work with it, but in many regards businesses moving to the cloud are doing so for reasons directly related to payment. If they are looking to minimize capital expenditures, for instance, then a stronger adoption may be needed.

Yet there is no doubt that there are those who would benefit most from a hybrid cloud. What is important is to work with a company that has the expertise and years of experience to help you decide what is best for you – and BMI Cloud Solutions can be that company. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, we’re ready to help you make your business the best it can be in 2014.