Confronting the issue of departing employees

The cloud is an almost essential aspect of business at this point – from project management software to cloud-based CRM, there are so many tools that nearly every area has something to gain. Still, there are some security aspects that companies need to be sure they have in place, and often, having a trusted partner is the best strategy.

A departing danger?
New technology has created an incredible flexibility for companies, but there are unexpected situations which arise too. When employees used to leave companies, for instance, there were few ways in which they could take much secret information with them other than within their heads. To take secret documents would require either physical theft, which would leave a conspicuous hole and be quickly noticed, or extensive photocopying, which would be rather conspicuous in its own right. Both of these methods served as a deterrent to all but the most determined employee – but now, The Wall Street Journal noted, some companies are allowing workers to leave with important information, often by accident.

The most high profile event occurred with Zynga, when a departing employee leaving for a competing company simply dropped information in a cloud location online.  With more than 760 documents in the account, Zynga quickly pursued him, leading to a lawsuit. There are not many other high profile cases – but more employees are doing this now, a survey found.

A growing problem
The Journal noted that a Ponemon and Symantec survey found that more than half of employees had taken sensitive business documents with them when leaving a company. It’s a problem with no silver bullet solution, but better communication is one possibility, according to Patrick Reidy, former chief information-security officer at the Federal Bureau of Investigation

“The simplest thing companies can do is to make sure there is a good communication path between human resources and IT security staff,” Reidy told The Journal.

Yet, if IT is not fully equipped to deal with the problem, a partner with years of experience working in the cloud can be a vital resource. More than 2 million Americans quit their jobs each month, according to Forbes, and it’s a situation that needs to be confronted. With just such experience and expertise, BMI Cloud Solutions is ready to help you implement a safe and secure cloud operation. Award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir can help us make sure you have the optimal answer to your business challenges.