Conference highlights diverse uses of the cloud

Companies have at their disposal a diverse array of potential cloud services, from cloud-based MRP to email marketing automation systems, and one recent conference highlighted the strength and flexibility the technology offers nearly any company.

Coming together to highlight the different possibilities
The Association of Information Technology Professionals’ San Diego chapter recently held its fifth annual Cloud Conference, and there were a number of vastly different industries attending, according to the San Diego Union Tribune. Life Technologies, for instance, offers software to analyze DNA, and its customers mostly consist of research labs. But in the early days of the company, it realized that personal computers likely did not on average hold enough power to process the massive amount of computing power that the latest DNA sequencing machines required, and thus needed to look for a different method of processing.

In order to handle the massive amounts of data the machines produce, the company created a cloud computing solution. The cloud not only helps to run the software needed, but stores the data once the process is finished, according to Mark FIeld, chief technology officer for the company.

“The data are not useful until you analyze it,” said Field, according to the Union Tribune. “That is where you need to apply big data concepts and you have to apply the compute (power) of the cloud.”

Embracing the opportunities
This was the main theme of the conference – the various ways that companies can utilize the cloud, often with multiple different options even within the same company. More and more companies, once they get into the cloud, are realizing its many possibilities, according to Peter Coffee, head of platform research at, despite the misconceptions of the general public.

“Many people still think cloud computing is just getting all the computers together in one place,” he said.

These sorts of massive potential productivity games – and often symbiotic uses within a single company – are beginning to be more acknowledged. IBM even recently published a study indicating that companies who make great use of the cloud on average nearly double their earnings over companies that do not capitalize on the technology.

Companies who have not yet made the move the cloud still have the opportunity to do so – but it’s best to choose a trustworthy partner. With years of experience and award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, BMI Cloud Solutions is ready to help your company determine the best setup for you.