Companies yet to move to the cloud talk about their misgivings

The cloud is being adopted at an increasing rate, and offerings such as cloud-based financial software and email marketing automation systems are making it attractive to those in a broad array of industries. There remain some skeptics about the technology, though, and a recent report gathers information about what the concerns are. Still, it’s clear that those who have moved into the cloud have found their worries to have been unnecessary.

Those holding back speak out
Krishnan Subramanian, director of OpenShift Strategy at Red Hat and founder of Rishidot Research, is an expert on the cloud and its many workings, according to Network World. In speaking with executives and IT workers at businesses around the nation, he has found that the primary concern for most who have not yet made the move is issues of security. It’s unnecessary, he said, but understandable for those who are taking on a new technology.

In many ways, the problem is one of communication and education, he said. Many vendors are not clear about the extent and setup of their security measures, and because of this potential clients stay away. In fact, some of these vendors may have in place serious and substantial measures, but wish not to reveal potential trade secrets.

Improving the security all around
In fact, a recent ComScore survey conducted among small and medium sized businesses in the United Kingdom, France and Germany found that almost 96 percent of companies who had moved to the cloud saw security of the data that was now being stored there as a benefit, not a risk. In fact, nearly the same amount – 94 percent in total – thought the the overall security of the company had been improved.

Another large concern, Network World found, was the organizational disruption it could cause. Eric Hanselman, chief analyst for the 451 Research Group, said that some organizations are worried about adding new, complicating factors to their business solutions, and that having multiple providers could be difficult. It’s a fair concern, but one that can be addressed by working with a partner who has years of experience helping to set up cloud solutions.

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