Companies should give OpenAir a try

Businesses looking to implement the most effective project management software this year should consider the advantages of offerings from NetSuite like OpenAir. The platform is ideal for companies searching for ways to improve and automate anything from their timesheets, expenses or invoices.

Like any new solution, firms want to know that they will achieve a clear return on investment. No company wants to launch software and discover down the road that productivity is hampered and expenses are being wasted. With OpenAir, however, organizations can take advantage of the platform’s real-time metrics to ensure their long-term outlook is supported.

OpenAir offers clear advantages

In terms of productivity, OpenAir is especially effective for freeing up staff members. The suite handles data re-entry and invoicing tasks so workers can focus their time and effort on others aspects of the firm.

Given the current economic landscape, businesses cannot afford to backtrack with any technology. A solution that allows a company to operate more efficiently without taking up their entire IT budget should be strongly considered by any organization. OpenAir by NetSuite helps achieve this goal and meets a number of other critical demands.

Professional Service Automation (PSA)

OpenAir’s PSA software lets you streamline your business services in an automated system that provides a single conduit for tasks like project management, resource management, timesheet management, expense management, and invoicing. Download the OpenAir Demo today.