Companies need to be prepared to take advantage of cloud, report says

The cloud has made the impossible possible. It has made computing far efficient and quicker, more agile and flexible than many in technology ever thought, with technologies like cloud-based MRP. Now, businesses need to be prepared for the ways in which the cloud is about to change business – if they aren’t, they’ll be left behind, according to one report.

The need for speed
Forrester recently released a report entitled “The Expectation Gap Increases Between Business And IT Leaders”, and its data makes it clear just how much the cloud has changed the world of business, according to ZDNet. After the firm surveyed over 2,000 professionals, it became clear that those who haven’t yet embraced the cloud with open arms are realizing that the time do so is dwindling.

The survey was a follow-up to 2012’s “Prepare for the Connected Enterprise Now”. That survey asked technology workers and executives if they found the cloud to be a high or critical priority, and the response was only 37 percent – a number so low it is inconceivable it was only reported a mere 12 months ago. Now, that has certainly changed – in the latest report, Forrester finds that 63 percent consider the cloud to be of high or critical priority. It’s a massive and understandable jump, showing that the technology is emerging as a major trend far more than in the past, according to Forrester.

I’m with the bandwidth
Now, though, companies are trying to make sure that they have the proper infrastructure to truly enjoy the benefits of the cloud. With multimedia usage and data analytics going hand in hand with the explosion in cloud computing, companies are realizing they need to boost bandwidth. This requirement, because of the greatly changed IT model companies now employ, was the top network and communications priority for the year, according to ZDNet.

Yet Forrester also found great differences in thinking between executives and IT workers on proper implementation of a variety of technologies. Nearly 80 percent of IT leaders, for instance, thought that bandwidth was indeed a top priority, while only 56 percent of business leaders considered it so.

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