College campuses benefit from cloud computing use

Cloud computing services are proving to be strong, useful and needed services for college campuses, according to a published report.

Bryant University in Rhode Island is capitalizing on the innovative practice’s capacities for the storage of offsite data, Talkin’ Cloud reports. The University of Texas at Austin is using cloud computing for assistance with human resources objectives and managing various components of support for financial services, which a school administrator says has been a boon to the campus’ mission.

“Our university must be empowered with new capabilities that will enable us to better serve all employees and help our students achieve great success,” vice president and chief financial officer Kevin Hegarty said, according to the news source.

Many academic institutes operate programs that enable students and faculty to merge efforts and upgrade the innovative technology that cloud computing offers. Those schools include Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Notre Dame in Northern Indiana.

Bryant University officials told the news source that they encouraged students to use devices in classrooms so as to merge efforts with their peers, professors and other characters from the world of academia. Consequently, the increased number of users of mobile devices prompted the university to explore cloud computing services as part of the drive to support growth on campus.

“As with most organizations, we’re seeing an explosive growth in data,” director of computer and telecommunications services Rich Siedzik with Bryant University said, according to the publication. “Our solution is now more digitized … We anticipate significant savings for our data storage and a significant reduction in the time it takes [to] access the data.”

The innovative practice was the central theme of recent two-day conference at Bhabha Engineering Research Institute in India, The Times of India reports.

Students at the school presented papers, special guests addressed the conference and business leaders also were in attendance, the news source reports.