Cloud use breeds efficiency for top-level business executives

At the top levels of business management, it’s essential to have effective resources for enterprise resource planning (ERP), and these days, business management and cloud computing have become synonymous. Executives need high-powered, streamlined solutions to make their businesses run smoothly, and cloud-based ERP can make that happen.

Bloomberg Businessweek recently reported on the trend of “management by cloud” – the news source explained that given the mobility and efficiency of cloud apps, CEOs and other executives will be able to lead their organizations in a more timely and portable fashion, which is important given the intense travel schedules that business leaders often face.

Amy Wohl, an independent technology strategy consultant to corporations, told Bloomberg that while an increase in cloud ERP will be tremendously useful in the corporate world, it will mandate a difficult paradigm shift in the business IT world.

“This can be a great management tool, but it requires a change in attitude,” Wohl said to the news source. “It will require a company’s IT department to give up some of their control in exchange for flexibility for the executives.”

Here are three ways in which the cloud is driving business management.

Obviously, the cloud makes managers more productive. Jeremy Burton, CEO of Serena Software, recently told Bloomberg that by consolidating all his management initiatives into a “Victory Plan” cloud app, he’s able to get work done faster by sharing information and communicating quickly.

“I feel for the first time in my career that I truly have all the information I need at my fingertips,” Burton said.

The cloud also makes businesses’ operations more visible to the outside world. Burton explains that this can be a plus or a minus from a CEO’s perspective, depending on how you look at it. The benefits, though, should be strong for a company’s big-picture future.

“The fact that everybody can see how we’re doing, good or bad, builds trust and forces accountability,” Burton told Bloomberg.

By expediting communication between corporate employees, the cloud makes it easier for workers to connect with one another and collaborate on innovative new projects. According to The Guardian, the cloud is a key driving force behind business innovation because it offers services that IT departments were previously incapable of providing.

By working in the cloud, CEOs can ensure robust futures for their businesses. BMI offers valuable advice on how technology can make executives into better leaders overnight.