Cloud technology making strides in business development

Cloud computing has made tremendous improvements in the corporate world as a tool for business development. For entrepreneurs looking to get their companies off the ground, the cloud offers an affordable and customizable way of securing the exact amount of space for data storage that a business needs, not a byte more or a byte less. Corporate officials have also come to appreciate the value of project management software, which helps keep their enterprises organized and their operations streamlined, making each day smoother and more productive.

Omri Erel, marketing director of WalkMe and an expert in the cloud computing field, recently wrote a guest article for Cloud Tweaks about the growth of the cloud as a development tool, emphasizing the value of scalable software as a service (SaaS) solutions. By giving businesses custom tools to meet their specific needs, Erel asserted, cloud providers have optimized their resources for the corporate world.

“Thanks to these advances in SaaS, this supercomputing power is represented in the same fashion their old traditional software was, but with the insurmountable power of a server farm behind it,” Erel wrote. “In the past 10 years, we’ve seen cloud computing in business evolve from a dedicated remote supercomputer terminal into a publicly accepted scenario of business software being part of the internet. Quite a transition, but probably one for the best.”

There are many reasons why the cloud has risen to power in recent years as a vital business tool. Here are three:

As the internet has continued its limitless growth, cloud providers have gained more bandwidth and more space to store companies’ data. As the supply of storage space has gone up, the price has gone down, and businesses have begun taking advantage of these favorable economic factors.

For some businesses, there’s apprehension about storing data in the cloud, since it’s hard to feel secure about information that’s shared and transmitted online. But cloud security products are becoming stronger, and we’re reaching the point where cloud and security go hand in hand. According to Gartner, 10 percent of all IT security capabilities will be delivered in the cloud by 2015. That figure will only rise over time.

The cloud has also become more potent because more corporate employees have more access to mobile devices, giving them additional resources for accessing the data they store in the cloud. As tablets and smartphones become ubiquitous in the business world, so too do cloud providers.

For business managers looking to take their enterprises to the next level, the cloud has become an invaluable tool. BMI offers assistance to companies looking to streamline their operations with essential project management tools.