Cloud provides coding solutions

Professional developers are in limited supply, and as such their services are much sought after. Their skills are essential to many companies’ operations, so there is always a growing need for coders.

The cloud, though, is offering ways to simplify and automate approaches to development. It certainly can’t override the need for professionals, but it is yet another way the cloud has revolutionized the technological landscape, from cloud-based ERP to time tracking software.

Codeless cloud
The cloud has enabled the creation of codeless development environments, which are composed of models and templates in lieu of the strict coding that normally is used to build applications, according to InfoWorld. These sorts of projects are now growing in popularity, allowing for a variety of characteristics that improve on conventional modes of operations.

A number of platforms have arrived in these formats, and now many companies are considering them to increase efficiency with their high-productivity potential, according to David Norton, an analyst for Gartner,.

“We’re seeing SMBs who are trying to lower costs [use them],” said Norton, according to the source.

In fact, businesses are often frustrated with in-house IT’s demand for control, and are often seeking to use the method to augment or free up in-house IT options, according to Pankaj Malviya, a senior vice president and general manager of application PaaS at Software AG.

“Businesses do not want to be dependent on IT to get everything done,” said Malviya.

Increasing agility
Derek Roos, CEO of codeless developer Mendix, says that the company’s cloud-based program offering can be a PaaS for the business user.

“We help our customers dramatically cut down the time it takes to build new apps,” said Roos. “Instead of writing code, you basically model your app. It’s a drag-and-drop-like interface.”

Such flexibility and agility in creation allow for a massively streamline process, and many companies are opting to make the leap in to the cloud for development. It’s just one more way that the cloud has revolutionized all aspects of business and enterprise.

Yet it is also important to remember that the cloud is not an all or nothing proposition – nearly half of cloud users employ hybrid models, according to, and the cloud development model certainly does not spell the end of the programmer. Combination solutions are an important options, and BMI Cloud Solutions can help you decide the best arrangement for you company. With tools like NetSuite and OpenAir, BMI’s expertise and long history working in the cloud can ensure that any business can get every possible competitive advantage.