Cloud moves into the battlefield to help soldiers

The cloud helps businesses throughout many industries with offerings such as cloud-based CRM and email marketing automation. It offers a variety of conveniences to many operations, yet one industry not always thought of is the military. The cloud has even helped in American defense operations and the safety of the troops, and recent efforts are trying to stay on the cutting-edge of the opportunities the cloud affords.

Long history
The military has long been on the forefront of the technology, and not only in the manner most people consider – they’ve helped create missiles, weapons and fighter jets, certainly, but also found new methods that have translated into the everyday life of civilians as well. The military was deeply involved in the early stages of the internet in ways that have revolutionized modern communication and business – without the efforts of military operations, the cloud may well never have come into existence. Now, the military is embracing the cloud as widely as possible.

In its latest move, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has begun to look into field applications of cloud technology by testing its Content-Based Mobile Edge Networking program, according to Defense Systems. DARPA is looking for an alternative to “top-down” military networks in order to improve communication between soldiers on the battlefield.

Changing the model
At this point, communications are in what DARPA calls a “hub-and-spoke” model – communications from one place to another must first go through a central server before being delivered. The new technology would circumvent that, meaning that if any device, mobile or otherwise, is disconnected from the headquarters, soldiers would still have the ability to share information.

The program, called a “tactical cloud,” makes each mobile device of a squad into what in essence is a server, so that individuals will be able to distribute information on their own. The program would amount to what Keith Gremban, DARPA program manager, described as “secure, private collaboration and cloud storage in your pocket,” according to the source.

The cloud not only makes business operations more convenient and agile – it plays a role in keeping the country safe. Many operations can improve with an increased presence in the cloud, and if yours is looking to explore, BMI Cloud Solutions could be a great partner. With award-winning programs such as NetSuite and OpenAir, as well as serious expertise and years of experience in the field, BMI is ready to help you find the perfect program for your particular needs.